Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Why Google Transit Rocks

Update 2: RTA's Google Transit data is down for unspecified reasons. This link is broken.

UPDATE: When I wrote this post, that Google Maps link generated a transit trip, via the IE-OC line, to two OCTA buses to Brea Mall, to two Foothill buses to El Monte station, and then the Foothill Silver Streak to Union Station. For some reason, it now suggests Metrolink where before it did not. Still, Google Transit will produce trips with as many transfers as required to get the job done, and that was the point of this post.

Neither Metro's trip planner nor the old TranStar system will come up with trips that are this crazy. Is there a way out of my neighbourhood into LA at 5:30 at night on a Sunday? Yes. Is it pretty? Nope!

Anyway, pay attention, Metro. Your puny trip planner gives up after two or three transfers.

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Anonymous said...

Try changing "date=06%2F21%2F09" to "date=sunday".