Saturday, June 6, 2009

Never thought I'd say this...

...but San Bernardino gets it.

Check out this piece about the new E-street transit center. Holy crap. Local buses, express buses, BRT, light rail and Metrolink, all at one spot, all due in just a few short years. San Bernardino's downtown transit center will go from being the butt of my jokes to being the envy of the entire Inland Empire, and by 2012.

RTA, pay attention. Riverside is known as the cultural center of the Inland Empire, for it's urban diversity, it's universities, and it's support for environmentally-friendly initiatives. San Bernardino is known, well, for it's crime rate of four times the national average. Yet, somehow, San Bernardino is going full steam ahead with (urban, diverse, culturally enriching and environmentally friendly) transit-oriented development around a big, shiny new multi-modal transit center, and your SRTP goes as far as putting bathrooms at the bus station. After you kick Greyhound out. Build the Riverside multi-modal center, if only so we can show up the 909'ers.

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