Monday, June 8, 2009

Google Transit Update

Okay... I'm dumb. In my earlier post on RTA's Google Transit offerings, I falsely stated that CommuterLink routes were not included. I neglected to notice that I was testing the system on a weekend. You know, when CommuterLink doesn't run. Now that it's Monday, all 200-series routes are showing up in Google Transit properly and as scheduled.

We still don't have the bus stop locations showing on the map, but the trip planner functionality seems complete. Go RTA!


dtownla said...

Now, when is Los Angeles going to get it's act together?

JN said...

According to all Metro sources, "we're working on it."

Just like they're working on barriers on the Blue Line.

My best estimate is sometime between the evolution of the winged pig and the heat death of the universe. Stay tuned.